Interstate Car Transport with Personal Items

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Moving A Car With Goods Inside- No Problem

  • Goods are to be securely packed in appropriate removalist boxes or suitcases - We recommend standard removalist boxes or suitable airline suitcases, or closed travel bags and adequately restrained or contained to prevent movement during transit.
  • All boxes/suitcases are to be left in the boot of the vehicle or back of station wagon.
  • If your car is a station wagon or similar, nothing is allowed above the rear window to obstruct rearview mirror site
  • Contents cannot exceed 80kg in total, 60kg in some cases.
  • If goods are not packed in boxes or suitcases according to our requirements, we will refuse to transport your vehicle
  • You bear all risk of loss or damage to personal items left in the car and damage caused to the vehicle by having personal effects in the motor vehicle
  • ¬†Vehicles travelling into Tasmania must have Tasmanian Government Biosecurity documentation completed and supplied prior to transportation of the vehicle

Are you planning interstate car transport with goods?

Do you want to save money on your car transport? Yes, it is possible. You can consider interstate car transport with personal items at once. It will keep your money and time. You will find many interstate car transport companies who transport cars with personal items.

You can load up your car with your personal items that you need to send all together. However, it is essential to know which things you should carry and which items you should avoid loading.

What will be the Process?

It is relaxed and hassle-free. All you need to do is to find a reliable and reputed interstate vehicle transport service that allows vehicle transportation with personal items inside the vehicle. You will have to pack your car and, the company will transport your vehicle to your destination.

The process will be safe. The carrier will not access your items. They will take care of your car and will ensure that they can safely and securely deliver your vehicle to your given address.

Why Should You Transport Your Vehicle with Personal Items?

First of all, it will save you money. Transporting your car and items separately can be a costly affair. If you combine them, you can certainly save hundreds of dollars. It will save a great deal of planning and organising as well. You can make the process much easier by sending all the items together.

You can send most of your personal items in your vehicle. Also, you will not have to make separate arrangements to transport your personal items that will charge both money and your time. Many companies are reliable, and they will not touch your personal items.

Is there any Regulation for Transporting Personal Items?

Yes, you cannot transport all your personal items. Some specific personal items cannot be carried inside your vehicle. The details are the followings.

Dangerous Goods

You cannot leave hazardous goods in your vehicle. Dangerous products include petrol, fuel, ammunition, firearms, and weapons. These goods are considered hazardous and cannot be transported in your vehicle.

Perishable Goods

You cannot also leave perishable goods. The reason is that perishable goods will be damaged fast and they can affect other goods causing a problem. Therefore, most interstate transport companies will not allow you to transport perishable goods.

Pot Plants

There are some restrictions for moving pot plants. They will perish in a locked car especially when being transported across the country. So, you will not be allowed to leave your pot plants in your vehicle during vehicle transportation.

Benefits of Hiring an Interstate Car Transport Company

They will ensure safe and hassle-free transportation. They can guarantee the safety of your vehicle and other personal items. If you choose to drive yourself, you can suffer from general wear and tear, especially when driving for a long-distance destination. With a transport company, your car will be protected from the weather damage and will be safely delivered at your destination.